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If you're reading this, it is likely because we share many things in common. Things like eating well, being well and a commitment to a healthy family lifestyle.

My name is Gabriela Machado. I am a former full-time executive Chef and business owner suddenly turned Mom to twin boys at the age of 40!


Figuring out how to manage and family with such a hectic life as that of a chef’s was the least of my concerns.  I have been a diabetic since I was two...and so, being pregnant at the age 40 was a big concern. Especially when we were told I was to deliver triplets! (One of the embryos was reabsorbed at the very beginning). Bearing two was still a challenge the risks of which became all too apparent toward the end of pregnancy and first days of motherhood.  Thankfully, Rafael, my partner and co-rebel in life and I, are now enjoying our roles as parents to a set of two healthy loving boys, Leon and Ferran, in sunny Miami Beach.


Having faced many health struggles and being passionate about food, I have become relentless in pursuing a healthy living. Of course food is a natural starting place for me. As a creative in the kitchen, I never quite understood why organic and healthy foods seem to be boring and not that tasty.  It should in fact be the exact opposite. This is one line of exploration and advice I intend to take on throughout the blog: It’s partly about learning the yeses and no-no’s of healthy eating and how to cook tasty food that both you and your kids can share (kids want to share in activities; they want to eat what we eat.  So sitting together with our kids even at the youngest of ages and sharing what we eat is very compelling to most kids). But it is also important to understand why we modern humans feel so compelled to eat un-nutritious garbage and feel healthy eating is akin to dieting.


I feel in my heart that it is my duty to spread the word and share the recipes I develop for Leon and Ferran.


Strange how challenges and things that aren't planned often turn out to be the most important sources of meaning and direction in life. 

"To being healthy, life-loving, wondering, creative, curious,

non-conforming, honest, bold and valiant.

Seizing both life's ups and downs as opportunities for growth".

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