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The Bigger Picture.


Great tasting nurturing food is just a starting place and, I suspect “nutrition” cannot stand-alone.  As both Rafael, a former philosophy student and current financial markets researcher and business owner himself, and I contemplate the future of the world as home to our two little men, we cannot but feel frequent unease at the current state of things.  There is undoubtedly a myriad of interesting and very positive developments in the world.  But there is still too much holding things back, and too much that simply can not continue to happen: dishonesty in all forms of businesses, out-right state corruption, and what we feel is worse, wide-spread complacency, the feeling that such things are beyond the scope of what people as private individuals should or could take on; that it is mostly up to those in government to resolve these issues...  Our modern lives seem so complex and quick-paced, so on the financial edge… Who has the time to take on anything else than our personal situations?  But this is in fact where much of it starts:  With the tabacco or food industry executive that felt he could not risk the financial sustenance of his family and so looked down, justified becoming a silent cog in the machine, and went with it.  The smart marketing gal who doesn’t think much about spinning the truth for the ad campaigns she contributed to at her firm. The financial advisor who sells an investment he does not quite feel sure about, to be able to afford next quarter’s college tuition.  The organic restaurant that does not use organic ingredients!


Being conscientious of our world, both its wonders and its many challenges, seeking ways to balance the realities of the daily grind with our many commitments including those to our kids, is a common source of anguish among our friends and like minded individuals. 


Rafa and I have  always belonged to the type of people critical of -many times disgusted at- many of the ways of the world seems to work. We like to think that in our own way we've tried to do things differently.

But when we to look at Ferran and Leon, see them rise on their knees, throw up their arms in search for an all-encompassing bear-hug, a string of emotions lights up that starts with a happy tear and moments later wounds up with feelings that feed a desire to defend what will end up being their world by us being more on the offensive....

Enough!  We need to do more and tolerate less B.S.  We rather keep trying and risk failing many times in honest attempts at doing things Right, than turn our heads down in complicit acceptance of "the way things are."

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