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Is an expression of my recommitment and my new business, a part-time "healthy eating consultancy". It is a way I can remain active doing all the things that I love and strongly believe in, without sacrificing my role as a nurturing mother.


I have spent endless hours researching for ways to share better ideas and advice on nutrition, eco-living, parenting skills… to name a few.


In here you will enjoy lots of original and nutritional recipes (recipes tab above), photos of my two boys as well as my two cats and two dogs as well as interesting tips on a number of other topics.


I hope you are as thrilled and excited as I am in finding ways in which we can give ourselves as well as our families a healthy and nurturing life.


I would love to read back from you about your stories, questions and concerns. Feel free to reach out if you have a specific topic you would like to see covered or perhaps a favorite recipe you would like to have redone in a more healthy-conscious way. We all deserve to live a healthy life. The time is now! 

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